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About Our Positive, Real LIFE methods.

The reality is,  we (humans) want results and behavior quickly.  But dogs and puppies didn't learn their bad behavior overnight nor will they learn to "correct it" over night.  Dogs need to be shown what is wanted but also that it is WORTH it to listen to you.  Meaning it is safe, your way is better and Yes,  there is even a pay off.   Positive reinforcement does JUST that.  Shows value in a behavior and builds trust and bonding with you and your dog.

Here at REAL LIFE Canine Academy we will teach you how to use EVERY day life to begin the learning process!  We make training your dog EASY, realistic and use current science and again positive methods to teach the basic traditional commands.  But, also, to learn how to deal with everyday life - we can reduce barking, reactivity,  fears and dog to dog problems....all without pain, all while being kind.....all hat REALLY works.